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The power of our solutions is in our flexibility

Checkit Systems South Africa Durban

Checkit Systems solutions are built around the 3 P's (product, people, process). Our significant differentiation in the market is around our people. With highly skilled, qualified engineers and support personnel, Checkit Systems is able to deliver off-the-shelf solutions through to highly customised solutions. When scoping any solution for a client, Checkit Systems looks at two fundamental apsects that the design must support:
1. Reliability and sustainability - with our strategic partnerships Checkit Systems can build robust, reliable and supportable solutions. Checkit Systems ensures that all products used are formally supported by the supplier in South Africa and that the supplier has a well defined distribution, spares holding and repair process in place.
2. Flexibility - Although Checkit Systems has chosen certain partners and products to lead with, it is by no means tied to any product or solution. Checkit Systems solutions are built around the ability to integrate any product sets, specifically legacy equipment, and provide the client with a single user interface across all platforms. Hence our solutions are product agnostic.

Checkit Systems is able to provide customised solutions to suit your needs, so please contact us for any specific requirements. Below is a brief list of some solutions Checkit Systems has built in the past, and can offer to the market :

  • Checkit Systems South Africa Durban

    Management Interfaces

    Almost all industrial and commercial environments have a multitude of control and automation systems. Checkit Systems can bring all these disparate systems together to provide a single user management control interface. This allows the client to obtain maximum benefit and efficiences out of the systems that have been installed.

  • Checkit Systems Environmental Monitoring

    Environmental Monitoring and Management

    Checkit Systems has extensive experience in environmental monitoring solutions, typically in air quality, water effluent, weather information, and temperature. CheckIt Systems offers solutions on a range of platforms to cater for remote, short - range wireless, rugged, or comprehensive measurement solutions that can talk to existing industrial systems. Strategic partnerships with selected world-class sensor providers allows for the effective acquisition of data to be analysed

  • Checkit Systems RFID

    RFID Solutions

    Checkit Systems offer HF or UHF (long range) solutions and a range of tag solutions that are coupled to our rugged industrial controllers for standard applications and novel solutions to unique problems by combining the correct tag with our hardware and software

  • Checkit Systems Digital Signage

    Digital Signage

    Once relevant data and information has been collected, it is important to display it in a meaningful and user friendly manner. Checkit Systems utilises digital signage solutions to provide a meaningful content display and management solution.

  • Checkit Systems Energy Management

    Energy Monitoring and Management

    We offer a range of solutions to measure energy use and supply quality . Vital information is extracted and processed in a way that produces meaningful, workable data which becomes the backbone of key cost saving decisions . Our systems have a high degree of processing power in a rugged, compact solution that can detect high-speed transients that are usually missed by many common systems.

  • Checkit Systems Machine Monitoring

    Machine Condition Monitoring

    Machine condition monitoring aides the client in stopping unscheduled outages, optimizes machine performance and reduces repair time and maintenance costs. Embedded condition monitoring systems and powerful test systems can be used as condition monitoring solutions deployed on a variety of turbines, compressors, generators and other industrial and commercial machines.

  • Checkit Systems  Vision Systems

    Vision Systems

    From IP68 Smart Cameras to multi-camera systems, CheckIt Systems can create complete solutions that perform repetitive, high-speed inspections with object matching, counting, and measurement. Thermal and other imaging outside the visible spectrum capture what the eye cannot see.

  • Checkit Systems VIdeo Streaming IPTV

    Video Streaming

    Meaningful information gathered from monitoring solutions can be displayed using Checkit Systems digital signage solutions. Our video streaming solutions allows us to dispaly this content on numerous endpoints and display devices across the client's environment.