Connecting Minds and Machines

Translating IoT theory in to practical application for an organisation

Internet of Things Niagara Arena Centraline

Most organisations today are faced with the challenge of having to manage a multitude of silo-based control systems and devices throughout a building environment, resulting in multiple reporting platforms having to be independently monitored, without benefiting from a holistic view of a single management framework.
Checkit Systems view the the The Internet of Things (IoT) to be more the Integration of Things, which is about bringing together data from disparate systems under a single platform in order optimize performance from buildings to factories, to cities and beyond. Regardless of the type of system implemented, a true IoT solution should be able to offer a single open platform, connecting and translating data from any device or system without having to replace existing legacy systems.

Through partnerships with world leading measurement and control system providers, Checkit Systems enable enterprise to provide better resource management, lower costs and improve end to end efficiency across multiple industries, such as Building Automation, Data Centres and Industrial environments.

Centraline Arena AX Niagara

Checkit Systems partner with Honeywell in providing Arena AX, developed on the Niagara platform and an OEM of Tridium, an Internet of Things open platform operating system.


Arena AX ( an OEM of Tridium) is part of the Honeywell suite for IoT