Internet of Things (IoT)

... or the Integration of things ?

Checkit Systems Internet of Things

The Integration of Things refers to the use of intelligently connected devices and systems to levearge data gathered by embedded sensors and actuators in machines and other physical objects. For consumers, the IoT has the potential to deliver solutions that dramatically improve energy efficiency, security, health, education and many other aspects of daily life.
For enterprises, IoT can underpin solutions that improve decision making and productivity in manufacturing, retail, agriculture and other sectors.
The economic impact and benefits of IoT to an organisation will be significant. At least six major benefits that IoT will bring are tracking behaviour for real-time marketing, enhanced situational awareness, sensor-driven decision analytics, process optimisation, optimised resource consumption and instanatneous control and repsonse in complex autonomous systems

Translating IoT Theory in to Practice

There is a lot of theory and talk about IoT on the web. Here we try to relate IoT to practical usage and implementation.

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